List of commercially available UHD or 4K services - October 2016


Inclusion in this list is not indicative of having met any specific requirement or having passed any interoperability tests. However the service listed is that which an end-consumer can subscribe from.

Alphabetical list of 55 services as of Octobre 2016, please send us a note if you know of missing services.

Operator Country Service Network Delivery Deployed Client Notes
AcTVila Japan VoD OTT Unicast ABR Jul-15 TV / STB
airtel 4K India Live IPTV broadcast Oct-15 STB
Amazon US VoD OTT Unicast ABR Dec-14 TV
Bein Middle East Live DTH Broadcast Jun-16 STB
BT UK Live IPTV broadcast Aug-15 STB
Comcast US Push VoD Cable DOCSIS 3.x Dec-14 TV (samsung) NBC used HDR10 & Atmos during Rio Olympics
Dalian Tiantu China TS Playout Cable ? 2015 ?
DirecTV US VoD DTH Push VoD Nov-14 Tv (samsung)
Dish UHD promo Live IPTV broadcast
Fashion one (SES) Luxembourg Live DTH broadcast Aug-15 TV
Festival4K France Live IPTV broadcast Nov-15 STB
Fransat France Live DTH broadcast Dec-14 TV
Fransat France TS Playout DTH broadcast Dec-14 TV
Free France Live IPTV Multicast Apr-15 STB Android middleware, 1 chanel at launch: Fashion TV loop
Globo TV Brazil VoD OTT Unicast ABR Jul-16 TV (Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Philips)
High 4K TV Live IPTV broadcast
insight Live IPTV broadcast
Inspur China Live Cable ? 2015 ?
J:COM Japan Live Cable Broadcast Dec-15 STB
KPN Netherlands Live IPTV Multicast Jun-16 STB
KT Korea Live IPTV Multicast ? 2014 STB
LG Uplus Korea VoD / Live ? IPTV Multicast ? 2014 STB
M-Go US VoD OTT Unicast ABR Nov-14 TV
Nasa TV US/Europe Live IPTV broadcast Nov-15 TV
Netflix US VoD OTT Unicast ABR Apr-14 Various TVs
NOS Portugal Live Cable Broadcast, Multicast, Unicast ABR Jun-16 STB + TV OTT trials have taken place
NTT Plala Japan Live / VoD IPTV Multicast Oct-14 TV / STB
Orange France France Live IPTV Multicast May-16 STB Dolby Atmos available on some broadcasts
pearl tv Luxembourg Live DTH broadcast
SFR France Live IPTV Multicast Mar-16 STB UHD used to promote Fibre
SKBB Korea Live IPTV Multicast ? 2014 STB
Sky Deutschland Germany Live / Push-VoD DTH / Cable broadcast Oct-16 STB Launched October 5th 2016, 2 Live channels + Push VoD
Sky Italia Italy Live DTH broadcast Jun-16 STB “Super HD” launched June 2016, HDR Announced for 2017
Sky UK UK Live DTH broadcast Aug-16 STB Available to premium Sky Q customers
SkyLife Korea Live DTH broadcast Jun-14 STB
SkyPerfecTV Japan Live DTH / Opticast broadcast Mar-15 STB HDR announced for October 2016
Slovak Telecom Slovakia VoD OTT Unicast ABR Aug-16 TV (Samsung)
Sony US VoD OTT Unicast ABR 2015 Sony TV
Sth Korea’s Pandora Korea VoD OTT Unicast ABR Aug-14 ?
Stofa Dennmark Live cable Multicast Oct-16 STB Viasat Ultra HD
Swisscom Switzerland Live & VoD IPTV Multicast Apr-16 STB Testing HDR
Tata Sky India Live DTH broadcast Feb-15 STB cricket world cup’15
Telekom Malaysia Malaysia Live IPTV Multicast Aug-16 STB Demonstration/Trials – Launch soon
Telus Canada VoD OTT Unicast ABR Jul-016 STB Starts with VoD – Live coming soon
Tivusat Italy Live DTH Broadcast Jul-016 TV+CAM
Tricolor Russia TS Playout DTH broadcast Mar-15 STB
Turkcell Turkey Live IPTV Multicast Aug-16 STB
UHD-1 Live IPTV broadcast
UMAX Korea TS Playout Cable broadcast 2014 TV
Videocon India Live DTH broadcast Feb-15 STB cricket world cup’15
Vidity US VoD OTT Unicast ABR Jul-05 TV
Vodafone Portugal Portugal Live IPTV Multicast Jun-16 STB
Vodafone Spain Spain Live / VoD IPTV Multicast, Unicast Mar-16 STB
VUDU US VoD OTT Unicast ABR Nov-15 TV Dolby Vision and Atmos support announced
waiku tv France VoD OTT Unicast ABR Dec-14 STB


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