27 Forum members exhibited at IBC 2018

All parts of the UHD value chain are represented this year, and of course our very own 7 demo pods at the Futures Park in North Hall.

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Updated Phase A Phase B guidelines ready for download

Ultra HD Forum Phase A guidelines V1.5 include:

End-to-end workflows for UHD services

Resolutions of 1080p (with HDR) and 2160p

HDR / WCG (PQ10, HLG10 and HDR10)

Channel-based immersive audio

Phase B Guidelines introduce UHD enhancements such as:

Dual-layer HDR technologies

Dynamic HDR Metadata systems (Dolby Vision & SL-HDR1)

High Frame Rate (100/120 FPS)

Next Generation Audio (Dolby AC-4 & MPEG-H Audio)

Content-Aware Encoding

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Ultra HD Forum updates list of commercial UHD services

Commercial UHD services in operation that we were aware of as of April 2018.


Ultra HD Forum IBC 2018 Masterclass (slides available)

So 2018 is the year of live HDR deployments. Get the latest from our masterclass from these slides.

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2018, a year of Ultra HD

UHD is no longer just in the future, it’s in the present too. This year at IBC, the Forum focused on what is truly happening in the market in 2018.

In our booth in the future zone and during our masterclass on September 17th at 10:45, we:

  • showed how phase A has been deployed (4K resolution, static metadata-based HDR),
  • illustrated phase A results (UHD services commercially actually available TODAY),
  • showed phase B technologies (e.g. HFR) in the IBC future-zone,
  • explained and demonstrated that phase B is a bolt-on to phase A i.e. fully backwards compatible.

Press Release just out


Our Mission

The Ultra HD Forum is bringing together market leaders from every part of the industry; broadcasters, service providers, consumer electronics, and technology vendors to collaborate on solving the real-world hurdles, and accelerating Ultra HD deployment.



The 2018 Ultra HD Forum Operator Survey

In late 2017 the Forum surveyed operators regarding their attitudes towards UHD and its associated technologies. We used information from this survey to inform our focus by operator concerns on the development of our Guidelines around the usage of UHD technologies in the end to end ecosystem, as well as to tailor our technical work […]

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IBC SHOW, Amsterdam – September 14th, 2018 – The Ultra HD Forum is the global organization promoting the industry’s proven best practices for the delivery of immersive ultra-high-definition (UHD) experiences. Technologies include high dynamic range (HDR), wide color gamut (WCG) and High Frame Rate (HFR) for images, personalized next generation audio (NGA) and Content Aware Encoding […]

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IBC 2018: Ultra HD Forum “The Year Of Live HDR TV and Beyond” Future Zone Stand 8.F22

This year, the Ultra HD Forum present “2018: The Year of Live HDR TV” at IBC alongside demonstrations in the Future Zone. These key technology demonstrations cover today’s services and the broader evolution of Ultra HD including Dynamic Metadata, High Dynamic Range (HDR), High Frame Rate (HFR), Content Aware Encoding (CAE) and Scalable HEVC (SHVC). […]

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2018: THE YEAR OF LIVE HDR TV [IBC 2018 Press release]

+ + + For Immediate Release + + + 2018: THE YEAR OF LIVE HDR TV In the year of Winter Olympics and FIFA World Cup, live HDR content has been successfully offered in many markets.  FREMONT, CA – September 6, 2018 – Along with an in-depth focus on HDR technology and marketing, the Forum will […]

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Ultra HD Forum at IBC 2018

Find all our 27 exhibiting members at IBC 2018   MEMBERS LOCATION ARRIS 1.B19 – 1.Bs18 Ateme 1.D71 – 8.F27 BBC 8.F08 Bbright 2.B39 Beamr 5.C50 Brightcove 5.B69 Content Armor 2.A36 Dolby 2.A11 EBU 10.F20 Eurofins 5.B45 Fraunhofer 8.B80 Harmonic 1.B20 Huawei 13.A06 Image Matters 10.D31 Ericsson 1.D61 NAB 6.A18 Nagra Kudelski 1.C81 NeuLion 14.H10 […]

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