Version 1.4 of guidelines ready for download

Our guidelines has been update to V1.4 including:

  1. Clarified definitions of PQ10 and HDR10 (Sections 3, 6.1.1 and 6.1.5)
  2. Added a table showing a matrix of 14 different receiver/decoder capability combinations, and a table of 12 different service formats which indicates which of the receiver/decoders can render which service formats (Tables 4 and 5)
  3. Added text about using statistical methods of deriving CLL values, thanks to input from UHDA (Section 6.1.4)
  4. Added “graphics white” level for HLG as recommended by BBC and NHK (Section 6.1.10)
  5. Added a cautionary statement about including PQ-related metadata in an HLG stream, thanks to information learned in UHDF InterOps (Section 8.3)
  6. Added a table of “real world” bitrates as reported by UHDF service provider members (Section 9.3.2)
  7. Added an annex on HDR dynamic metadata (Annex G)

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36 Forum members exhibited at IBC 2017

All parts of the UHD value chain were represented this year, and of course our very own demo pod was on EBU booth in hall 10.

Click to see Forum members at IBC

Ultra HD Forum IBC 2017 Masterclass (slides available)

Get the latest on where UHD is heading from those leading the way, Monday September 18th 12:00 RAI,  Convention Centre, Room 102.

View More (slides available for download)

Forum brought “HDR for all” demos to IBC 2017

Click for description of IBC demos

Our Mission

The Ultra HD Forum is bringing together market leaders from every part of the industry; broadcasters, service providers, consumer electronics, and technology vendors to collaborate on solving the real-world hurdles, and accelerating Ultra HD deployment.



HDR out in the Wild – A blog

In the twilight of 2017, we have what we believe is the biggest news of the year with the launch of UHD HDR live services by a major MVPD – AT&T DirecTV. AT&T DirecTV have begun a number of UHD HDR transmissions of sports events starting with the Pittsburgh Penguins versus Vegas Golden Knights that […]

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Ultra HD Forum Taking “HDR for All” demos to Asia

Fresh from our successful and well received demos at NAB17 and IBC2017, the Forum is now taking our public UHD HDR interoperability demos to Asia at UBBF2017. The Ultra Broadband Forum 2017 is a global event run be member company Huawei for the ultra broadband industry to share viewpoints on development and key technologies taking […]

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IBC 2017 “HDR FOR ALL” demonstrations

The Ultra HD Forum have four demonstrations for IBC2017 set in the context of “HDR FOR ALL”, demonstrating a full e2e IPTV UHD HDR service by KPN, SDR and HDR conversion techniques to be used in managing content harmonisation/display adaption, and finally a demonstration of key aspects of the next phase of UHD development – […]

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IBC Masterclass where we are and where we are heading with UHD

If you missed it, download the slides from here: UHDF Master Class – complete r2 compressed or even better, watch it from here (the technical issues with slides are solved in that attached version). RAI Room 102 Monday September 18th 12:00 to 14:00. Open to holders of any kind of IBC badge. 12.00 – 12.40 Part 1. Where […]

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IBC 2017 Press release: Ultra HD Forum To Shed Light on the Future of UHD

+ + + For Immediate Release + + + IBC 2017: Ultra HD Forum To Shed Light on the Future of UHD Ultra HD Forum will share findings from in-depth industry research into operators’ UHD expectations during its IBC 2017 Masterclass. Asia seen as key growth area. Amsterdam, September 4, 2017 – The Ultra HD Forum […]

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