Issue 2 of our newsletter is out with three articles on the UEFA 2020 football coverage in UHD. TF1’s work on HDR – SDR conversion, KPN’s analysis of HDR user experience, and our UHD coverage analysis.

Newsletter issue 2: UHD around the UEFA 2020 Football championship

Catch up with our 2021 projects here.
Hear about deployment success, preserving the experience across the delivery chain, NGA and interop. Also, our watermarking API for UHD content, ATSC 3.0 deployment in the USA and the facts of large live OTT UHD events in 2020.

The Ultra HD Forum is proud to launch its latest blog section, kicking off with a series of guest blogs from Yoeri Geutskens analysing the data in out Service Tracker.


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Watermarking API for Encoder Integration ready for download

We’re proud to release the Fall 2020 update of our Guidelines including

  • Objective Measurement and Analysis of the Quality of Tone Mapping
  • the creation and distribution of live content, produced in UHD with HDR and Wide Color and then distributed via the Internet (OTT)
  • Updated Annexes (ST 2110, AMWA) as well as a new Annex on the support of UHD by DVB-T2
UHD Guidelines 2.5

The Ultra HD Forum Service Tracker focusses on services that are commercially available to consumers. B2B and event-based services only have sample data for now.

We estimate the number of consumers that can easily access a UHD service thanks to UHD device penetration data kindly supplied by IHS-Markit. Ultra HD Forum members collect this data, and the “Data Check” field reflects its reliability.

Note that the raw data is only available to members, so do check out membership options. Please let us know through our contact form if you see any errors or omissions.

View Service Tracker

UHD, Ultra-High Definition, Ultra High-Definition, 3840 x 2160, 4096 x 2160, … confused yet? Check out our latest blog by Sam Matheny


Sam's blog

Our Mission

The Ultra HD Forum is bringing together market leaders from every part of the industry; broadcasters, service providers, consumer electronics, and technology vendors to collaborate on solving the real-world hurdles, and accelerating Ultra HD deployment.



Ultra HD Forum Announces New Board Leadership

+ + + For immediate release + + + Nandhakumar (LG) succeeds Fautier (Harmonic) as President;  Syed (Comcast Cable) and  Jenkins (WarnerMedia) named new board members. FREMONT, CA – February 25, 2021 – The Ultra HD Forum, which brings together broadcasters, service providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, and technology vendors to accelerate Ultra HD television deployment, today announced its new board of directors […]

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Watermarking API for Encoder Integration ready for download

This document provides an API for integrating watermarking technologies in content creation workflow: It is the first of its kind resulting from a collaboration between the major watermarking technology vendors It allows interoperable integration of watermarking technologies in a transcoder While initially targeting integration in workflows for ABR content preparation, it is also extendable to […]

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Ultra HD Forum Tracks Over 190 UHD Services, Adds Emphasis on NGA, Releases Guidelines v2.4, and Plans First Watermarking API

FREMONT, CA – October 20, 2020 – The Ultra HD Forum celebrates its fifth year of successfully bringing together broadcasters, service providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, and technology vendors to accelerate Ultra HD television deployment. The Forum has refreshed its website to better reflect its activities during this time of constrained in-person interactions. Version 2.4 of the […]

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NAB 2016 Press Conference Presentation

Here is the download link for the slides presented to the press during our NAB 2016 Press Conference on April 18th.

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Ultra HD Forum session during DVB World 2020

The DVB’s annual conference DVB World is taking place in Sevilla this year and addresses UHD within a dedicated session on formats and codecs. We are happy the Ultra HD Forum is the program partner for UHD content this year.  We have put together a 90-minute session with two 20-minutes keynotes and a 50-minute interactive […]

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