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This privacy policy applies to the ULTRA HD FORUM. It sets out how we obtain, store and use your personal information when you use or interact with or AMS ARO (our internal website), or where we otherwise obtain or collect your personal information. By using any of our websites or sharing your personal information with us, you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this Privacy Policy.


The ULTRA HD FORUM operates in an open and transparent fashion. As a part of this transparency, any contributions, submissions, statements or communications made to us, including postings or other contributions you make to the ULTRA HD FORUM’s websites, most mailing lists operated by the ULTRA HD FORUM, documents that you submit, comments you send to the ULTRA HD FORUM regarding the ULTRA HD FORUM’S documents, intellectual property disclosures and updates, requests for document authentication, subpoenas, registrations for meetings of the ULTRA HD FORUM’S or mailing list registrations, and most other information that you send, submit or post to the ULTRA HD FORUM, and any information that we collect about you through your use of any ULTRA HD FORUM website, mailing list or other resource (collectively, your “Personal Data”), other than as expressly excepted in this Statement, will be made public through electronic and other means. Personal Data includes, for example, (a) first and last name, (b) postal address if included in postings or submissions (e.g., Contributions), (c) e-mail address, or (d) any other identifier that permits the physical or online contacting of a specific individual. In addition, lists of the subscribers to ULTRA HD FORUM-managed mailing lists may be available to subscribers of the lists. You should be aware of our transparent operation when communicating with us.

By providing us with your Personal Data, you are consenting to our disclosure and use of it for the purposes as described in this Statement. By requesting interest to become a member, submitting a membership application, subscribing to a mailing list managed by the ULTRA HD FORUM or submitting a contribution to the ULTRA HD FORUM, you consent to our using your Personal Data to communicate with you about your participation in activities of the ULTRA HD FORUM.

The ULTRA HD FORUM may also collect information, including through audio, pictorial and video recording, during and in connection with its events, meetings, mailing lists and conferences, and automatically through its web sites. All such information may be made public and used by the ULTRA HD FORUM in connection with the activities of the ULTRA HD FORUM.

The ULTRA HD FORUM’s web server logs record certain visitor characteristics, such as IP address and browser version.  We retain these logs for 5 days for debugging purposes only, and then purge these logs.  The ULTRA HD FORUM never makes log information available to the public, or any third parties.

When you interact with the ULTRA HD FORUM website, we use cookies to allow us to remember your login status between transactions.  You may opt to have a cookie remain in your browser for up to 2 weeks to remember that login status across browser sessions.  We never use cookies to track you outside of the ULTRA HD FORUM website, nor to encode or remember personal information about you.  The ULTRA HD FORUM does not use any other forms of browser storage, such as third-party cookies, Flash cookies, Site Preferences, or Offline Website Data in any way.

If you disable cookies, or otherwise prevent their use, you will still be able to browse our public websites, but you will not be able to log in to any private areas, as your browser will not be able to remember your login session ID, and will therefore not be able to access private website pages.

The ULTRA HD FORUM does not engage in tracking behavior, as that term is defined by the Do Not Track (DNT) specification. Consequently, our websites do not alter their behavior according to the value of browsers’ DNT requests.

You Consent to International Transmission of Your Data

Due to the nature of the Internet and our international operations, your communications and submissions may result in the transfer of your information across national boundaries and outside of your country of residence. By communicating with the ULTRA HD FORUM and submitting information to us, you consent to these transfers and to the use of your information as described in this Statement. If you provide Personal Data to the ULTRA HD FORUM, you acknowledge and agree that such Personal Data may be transferred from your current location to others in any country in the world.

Exceptions: Information That We Do Not Share

As an exception to the ULTRA HD FORUM’s general policy of releasing information to the public, there are certain limited types of Personal Data that we do not share in the ordinary course of our operations (“Non-Public Information”). The categories of Non-Public Information that we currently recognize are described below.

Payment Information

Payment information is not collected or stored on any servers operated by the ULTRA HD FORUM. If you conduct transactions using our web sites (e.g., meeting registration), payment and payment card information will be entered directly into a third-party processor’s systems and is not transmitted through or stored by our web sites. We make reasonable efforts to ensure that our third-party processors handle your non-public information responsibly.

Registration Information

The ULTRA HD FORUM collects information from people who register for meetings. The attendee lists, which may be published in the meeting proceedings, include the registrant’s name and organization. All other information we collect is only published, if at all, in summary form.

Non-Public Mailing Lists and direct mail to individuals at the Parties

A number of mailing lists operated by the ULTRA HD FORUM, such as the BoD, WGs and Members mailing lists, are not available or disclosed to the public. These mailing lists are clearly indicated as non-public in their registration materials. We do not make the contents of these mailing lists available to the public. In addition, email sent directly to individuals at the ULTRA HD FORUM will not generally be made available to the public.


Some areas of the web sites and some mailing lists operated by the ULTRA HD FORUM require you to create and enter a password. The ULTRA HD FORUM stores these passwords and does not make them available to the public.

Information for letters of invitation

We delete the personal information that we collect to generate letters of invitation in a timely fashion after each meeting. We request that local organizations with whom we share this data to generate the letters also delete it in a timely fashion.


We have implemented commercially reasonable precautions that we believe are appropriate to prevent the unauthorized use, disclosure and alteration of Non-Public Information. However, no data security measures can guarantee complete data security, and the ULTRA HD FORUM does not guarantee the confidentiality of anything that you submit to the ULTRA HD FORUM. Please contact us at  if you believe that the security or integrity of any non-public information that you have submitted to the ULTRA HD FORUM has been compromised. Additionally, we may at times be required by law to release Non-Public Information, and we reserve the right to do so if we believe in good faith that such release is required by applicable law, regulation or judicial order.


Our websites are not intended for use by children under 13 years old. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from, or target our websites to children under the age of 13. In accordance with the United States Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, if we discover that a child under 13 has provided us with personally identifiable information, without the consent and participation of a parent or guardian, we will remove it from our systems.


If you have any questions regarding this Statement or believe that the ULTRA HD FORUM is not following the procedures described in this Statement, please contact You also may contact us if you have any concerns about the accuracy of, or wish to correct, your Personal Data, or if you wish us to cease processing your Personal Data. We reserve the right to decline any request to remove or alter information on the web sites operated by the ULTRA HD FORUM or in our records except to the extent that we are legally required to do so. Notwithstanding the above, we may disclose non-public information about your activities if required by the law or by a lawful order.

Other Organizations

For the avoidance of doubt, this Statement relates solely to the activities of the ULTRA HD FORUM, and does not cover any non-ULTRA HD FORUM activities of any other organization that maybe affiliated with the ULTRA HD FORUM.

Links to other sites

Occasionally, the ULTRA HD FORUM will link to websites or services operated by third parties, for example, to conferencing services. The ULTRA HD FORUM makes no representation about the privacy policies of such sites.


Subject to the above provisions, by communicating information (including Personal Data), you consent to the collection, public disclosure and use of information by us in accordance with this Statement.

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