Ultra HD Forum Guidelines

The Ultra HD Forum produces Guidelines to help the industry navigate the complex UHD landscape and focuses on end-to-end workflows from camera to consumer.

The Ultra HD Forum’s mission is thus to accelerate UHD service offerings by providing critical information to service providers and the industry as a whole.

Guidelines are available here for download at no cost, you don’t even need to leave us your email. We would however appreciate any feedback below :o)

UHD Phase A

Phase A Guidelines describes end-to-end processes for creating a linear UHD service using technologies that were commercially available by early 2016 and were first published in early 2016 (Version 1.5 released September 2018), they cover:

  • End-to-end workflows for UHD services
  • Resolutions of 1080p (with HDR) and 2160p
  • HDR / WCG (PQ10, HLG10 and HDR10)
  • Channel-based immersive audio

View Guidelines for UHD Phase A


UHD Phase B

UHD Phase B Guidelines, released in April 2018 introduce and de-mystify next-gen UHD technologies that service operators identified as being of high interest. They include:

  • Dual-layer HDR technologies
  • Dynamic HDR Metadata systems (Dolby Vision & SL-HDR1)
  • High Frame Rate (100/120 FPS)
  • Next Generation Audio (Dolby AC-4 & MPEG-H Audio)
  • Content-Aware Encoding

Phase B Guidelines show how these technologies can be implemented in a way that is backward compatible with Phase A decoders, which makes them attractive to operators.

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