Ultra HD Forum Guidelines 2.3

The Ultra HD Forum produces Guidelines to help the industry navigate the complex UHD landscape and focuses on end-to-end workflows from camera to consumer. Guidelines are available here for download at no cost, you don't even need to leave us your email. New in V2.3 is information on color accuracy, ST2110, ATSC 3.0 and the South America Road Map to UHD.


UHD Component Technologies

UHD Foundation Layer

End-to-end workflows for UHD services
Resolutions of 1080p (with HDR) & 2160p
HDR / WCG (PQ10, HLG10 & HDR10)
Channel-based immersive audio

UHD Additions Layer

Dual layer HDR technologies
Dynamic HDR Metadata systems (Dolby® Vision, SL-HDR1 & SL-HDR2)
High Frame Rate (100/120 FPS)
Next Generation Audio (Dolby® AC-4 Audio & MPEG-H Audio)
Content Aware Encoding

Previous Editions

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