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The Ultra HD Forum is an open forum composed of a broad range of participants from the movie and television ecosystem, including content creators, content distributors, consumer electronics manufacturers, professional equipment manufacturers and technology companies. By virtue of its diverse membership, the Ultra HD Forum will advocate an industry consensus around common technical standards, recognizing that some types of content or delivery may impose certain technical constraints. The success of the Ultra HD Forum will be achieved when a new category of diverse Ultra HD content is commonly available through all forms of distribution. The Ultra HD Forum is a 501(c)(6) corporation focused on, but not limited to, the following:

  • Developing Guidelines that use best practices for the implementation of end-to-end systems for the generation, distribution and rendering of next generation media including Ultra HD, high dynamic range, wide color, high frame rate and other related technologies.
  • Ensuring that the developed Guidelines address the needs of real-time workflows with capture of live content for Live and On Demand distribution through broadcast, multicast and unicast deliveries
  • The Ultra HD Forum is not a Standards Development Organization (SDO) but will facilitate the development, coordination, harmonization and adoption of relevant standards being developed in various media-related standard organizations and consortia, especially across the use cases of live, real-time, episodic, on-demand, broadcast, streaming, download and physical media distribution;
  • Assisting in avoiding fragmentation of Ultra HD and related media standards by promoting the use of common profiles across industry, consortia and various standard organizations;
  • Facilitating interoperability tests and plug-fests to demonstrate the usability and comprehensiveness of Ultra HD and related media standards;
  • Describe and promote the use of Ultra HD and related media services that meet the scope of the Ultra HD Forum. Be a central repository for relevant Ultra HD and related media workflows.
  • Organize industry wide events where Ultra HD and related media applications, deployments, and successes are presented.
  • The Forum shall work to inform the industry regarding appropriate standards, best industry practices, and enabling technologies through the production of white papers, the organization of informational “Master Classes” at major industry events and the demonstration of end-to-end solutions and proof of concept systems with common content created through diverse workflows.
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