Forum at NAB 18' Global UHD Conference

6 presentations from Forum members at NAB’s GLOBAL UHD CONFERENCE on Saturday April 7th.

  • Madeleine Noland (Guidelines Chair) to present the Production Guidelines
  • Thierry Fautier (President)  to present the state of the UHD deployments
  • Lynn Claudy (NAB) to present UHD standards
  • Rob Koenen (TNO) to present the state of video standardization
  • Skip Pizzi (co-chair Comms) to present Challenges from Incremental Release of UHD Elements
  • Jeffrey Riedmiller (Dolby Labs) will discuss Including NGA in UHD
  • Also worthy of note, Mike Fidler from the UHD Alliance will give an update on UHD Content and CE Capability

Program can be found here.

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