The Guidelines WG documents technologies related to launching Ultra HD services in the form of the “Ultra HD Forum Guidelines.”


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Meeting Regularity

The GWG meets bi-weekly by telecom and meets F2F several times per year.

Usual Meeting Time

The GWG telecoms occur every two weeks on Tuesdays from 10a-11:30a ET.

Deliverables So Far

Version 1.2 of the Ultra HD Forum Guidelines was published in December 2016.

Ongoing Work

The Guidelines document is a living document, and is continually updated to keep pace with the rapidly developing Ultra HD ecosystem. The GWG has published v1.2 of the Guidelines, adding detail to the technologies described in v1.1. Next the GWG will continue to improve the v1.x Guidelines document and also focus on v2.0, which will include additional technologies that are entering the marketplace.

Commitment To Join

Members of the GWG are most effective when they can participate in most telecoms. In addition, members are asked to draft and/or review text to ensure that the Guidelines document serves the industry well with timely, accurate information. Members are encouraged to share early (pre)deployment experiences with emerging Ultra HD technologies. This ensures that the Guidelines are based on real world experiences as much as possible, given the “cutting edge” nature of the subject matter.

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