IBC 2018 Masterclass Agenda

We are excited to confirm the agenda of our 2018 IBC Masterclass to be held on Monday, September 17th at the RAI in rooms G102/103.

In an Olympic and a World Cup year, the first generation of UHD has been fully rolled out, with over 50 commercial services worldwide, more than 125 live TV channels with 4K resolution and 1000s of hours of VoD. This Ultra HD Forum session will look into what’s under the hood of these initial services and how they relate to our Guidelines and Interoperability tests, with a special focus on HDR.

1045 – 1055 – Welcome, Forum News

  • Thierry Fautier, UHDF President, Harmonic

1055 – 1115 – Guidelines and standards in the field with a special focus on 2018 Olympics

  • Madeleine Noland, UHDF Guidelines Chair,  LG
  • Skip Pizzi, NAB

1120 – 1210 – The HDR deployments perspective: Learnings from the World Cup and other 2018 sporting events

  • Session chair: Madeleine Noland 
  • Stephan Heimbecher, SKY
  • Dolf Schinkel, KPN
  • Joerg Sander, HBS
  • Mickaël Raulet, Ateme
  • Ian Nock, Interop chair UHDF, Fairmile West Consulting

1210 – 1300 – The Market perspective on HDR in the field in 2018

  • How many HDR flavours are there, is there an HDR war?
  • Preliminary feedback from the Forum’s operator survey
  • UHDF HDR deployment observatory
  • How is HDR « sold » B2C & B2B?
  • How can consumers access it today?
  • Session chair: Maria Rua Aguete, IHS Markit
  • Thierry Fautier
  • Mike Zink, UHD Alliance President, Warner Bros
  • Adina Gorita, Insight TV (TBC)
  • Michel Chabrol, Eutelsat
  • Yoeri Geutskens, the HDR ecosystem tracker @UHD4K

Detailed agenda to come here: https://show.ibc.org/programme-session-item/uhd-take-up-in-the-field-a-year-of-olympic-and-world-cup-success

This agenda was put together by Benjamin Schwarz.

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