IBC 2018 Masterclass slides available for download

Here you can download the 60 slides presented during IBC 2018 at our masterclass “2108 the year of HDR”.

Download here: UHD-Forum-Masterclass-IBC-2108C


I. Welcome

  • Thierry Fautier, Ultra HD Forum President, Harmonic

II. Guidelines& standards in the field

  • Madeleine Noland, UHDF Guidelines Chair,  LG
  • Skip Pizzi, NAB

III. TECH PANEL: learnings from the FIFA World Cup & other sports in 2018

  • Madeleine Noland(Chair)
  • StephanHeimbecher, SKY
  • DolfSchinkel, KPN
  • Joerg Sander, HBS
  • MickaëlRaulet, Ateme,
  • Ian Nock, UHDF Interop Chair, FWC

IV. MARKET PANEL: Getting HDR to market in 2018

  • MaríaRuaAguete, IHS Markit(Chair)
  • YoeriGeutskens, @UHD4K
  • Thierry Fautier
  • Mike Zink, Warner Bros
  • AdinaGorita, Insight TV
  • MichelChabrol, Eutelsat


Download here: UHD-Forum-Masterclass-IBC-2108C

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