IBC Masterclass where we are and where we are heading with UHD

If you missed it, download the slides from here: UHDF Master Class – complete r2 compressed or even better, watch it from here (the technical issues with slides are solved in that attached version).

RAI Room 102 Monday September 18th 12:00 to 14:00. Open to holders of any kind of IBC badge.

12.00 – 12.40 Part 1. Where are we with UHD?
State of the industry Thierry Fautier (Harmonic)
Operators’ current plans: New Ultra HD Forum Operator Survey Results Madeleine Noland (LG)
Interoperability today: What Ultra HD Forum Plugfests are Telling Us About the Future of UHD Ian Nock (Fairmile West)
12.40 – 13.25 Part 2. Where UHD is heading?
HDR of tomorrow – better, smarter pixels Pat Griffis (Dolby)

Stephan Heimbecher (Sky)

High Frame Rate and other aspects of the Forum’s Phase B Guidelines Madeleine Noland (LG)
Stories from the bleeding edge: French Open 2017 tennis tournament, the world’s first UHD + HDR + Next Gen Audio Simon Gauntlet (Dolby)
13.25 – 14.00 Part 3. Zoom on next generation audio
What is an NGA user experience? Ludovic Noblet (B-Com)
Panel Skip Pizzi (NAB) chair

Fadi Malak (DTS),

Stefan Melzer (Fraunhoffer),

Rob France (Dolby)

Latest agenda here https://show.ibc.org/conference-programme/uhd-forum-masterclass

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