Ultra HD Forum at IBC 2015

The Forum will be having face-to-face meetings between members on the September 9th and 10th. If you are interested in becoming a member, it’s an ideal place to start and if you initiate a membership application you may attend as an observer.

We will host a MasterClass on Friday 11th at 4PM in RAI in rooms G102/103. As an integral part of the IBC Conference Program this session is complimentary for all IBC attendees, but the maximum capacity is 250 people so seating will be available on a first come, first served basis [see agenda here].

Later on Friday evening we will host a launch party at the Heineken experience. This is by invitation only, so please contact any of our member companies to get an invitation.

Find all our members at IBC 2015

Akamai Technologies 6.A15 6
Allegro DVT
AMD 7.H35 7
ARRIS 1.D31 1
BBright 2.B39a 2
Benjamin Schwarz
Dolby 2.A11 2
DTG 5.A17 5
DTS 2.B5O 2
Envivio 1.D73 1
Ericsson 1.D61 1
Fraunhofer 8.B80 8
Harmonic 1.B20 1
Harris Broadcast 4.AMT 4
Kudelski SA 1.C81 1
LG Electronics Mobile Research USA, LLC MS1 & MS2 13
NAB Show 10.F34 10
Neulion 14.F34 14
NexGuard Lab France
NGCodec Inc.
Sigma Designs, Inc 2.C35 2
Sony Broadcast 12.A10 12
STMicroelectronics 1.F40 1
TP Vision
Vanguard Video 3.A54, MS4 3 & 13
Vixs Systems 3.A28 3
Verimatrix 4.A59 4
Ultra HD Forum

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