Bill Redmann


Bill began his career mixing technology and entertainment obtaining a Masters Degree in Engineering at UCLA while building practical electronic props for Battlestar Galactica (the original) and Buck Rogers (not the original).

He has twice been Director of Technology at Walt Disney Imagineering, developing and fielding theme park VR and ride systems, including Indiana Jones at Disneyland Park. His role at InterDigital is Director of Standards, Immersive Media Technologies, unchanged through the acquisition by InterDigital of Technicolor’s R&D business unit.

Bill has 65 issued U.S. patents in fields including: Virtual Reality, Online Media Production, Distributed Network Streaming Media Systems, 3D Displays, Online Communities, Content Distribution to Mobile Devices, Wearables, Travel Planning, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, Driving Safety, and Digital Cinema. He is also a SMPTE Fellow.

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