The 2018 Ultra HD Forum Operator Survey

In late 2017 the Forum surveyed operators regarding their attitudes towards UHD and its associated technologies. We used information from this survey to inform our focus by operator concerns on the development of our Guidelines around the usage of UHD technologies in the end to end ecosystem, as well as to tailor our technical work in Interoperability. The analysis of that first set of data was presented at IBC2017 as shown here

We are excited that this year’s survey will offer an interesting perspective on the evolution of operator attitudes to UHD. The survey is more straightforward and shorter than our previous survey as we have further focused on the areas that challenge operators. If you have not already done so, we’d love any and all operators (large, medium, small or even micro) of services (whether already running UHD services or not) to complete it. It is open until December 21st 2018 and is available at

As always the confidentiality of your data and your privacy is of utmost concern and we have ensured that a 3rd party will qualify and anonymize the submissions from data that will be shared with the Ultra HD Forum and ultimately will be reported upon at future public events. Those who do leave their contact email will also receive the analysis of the anonymized data, and IHS-Market will be assisting us with the analysis.

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