Ultra HD Forum session during DVB World 2020

The DVB’s annual conference DVB World is taking place in Sevilla this year and addresses UHD within a dedicated session on formats and codecs. We are happy the Ultra HD Forum is the program partner for UHD content this year. 

We have put together a 90-minute session with two 20-minutes keynotes and a 50-minute interactive panel.

We look into what technologies and standards have got UHD to where it is and what we need to reach the next level.

One presentation takes the operator perspective on the market and consumer drive (or lack thereof) towards UHD. What has driven TV stations and operators to innovate with formats and codecs up until now.

The second presentation analyses this innovation, up to UHD, but this time, looking at technology and standards as drivers. Interdigital’s VP Standards R&I Ralf Schaefer is giving this talk.

Speakers will join Ateme’s Director of Research & Innovations Mickael Raulet in a panel moderated by the Ultra HD Forum’s Benjamin Schwarz, for an open discussion on the best way forward for the industry. We’ll attempt to define what the way forward looks like: which features from high frame rates, dynamic metadata, nextgen audio or resolutions of 8K and beyond are critical stepping stones and which might turn out to be distractions? The panel will debate – with the audience – whether we need technology or standards to bring UHD services to market. Do consumers care about UHD? Are we slowed down by “not-invented-here syndrome”? Does consumer confusion or licensing issues muddy the waters? In the era of GAFA-N should operators do things differently? Are guidelines part of the answer?

DVB World 2020 takes place on March 9-11, 2020 in Valencia, Spain and our UHD session is on the 11th at 9 am.

Forum members are invited to attend the conference at the same preferential rates as DVB members, yet another good reason to join.

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