Ultra HD Forum Webinar – next steps to a jaw dropping user experience

When: Live at 4pm GMT/11am ESP/8am PST on Thursday August 25, 2016
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The industry has got to grips with Ultra HD over the past few years and has a much better understanding of how, with HDR, to bring a step jump in the user experience with amazing video and immersive next gen audio. However there  remains a list of challenges still to be addressed. It is not just about the displays. The Ultra HD Forum is addressing these challenges and has now made public our Phase A Guidelines describing best practices and has started work on the next phase. This webinar will give full details about these and will describe a number of examples of recent deployments.

Chair: Barry Flynn, Contributing Editor, Videonet
David Price, Board Member, Ultra HD Forum (Ericsson)
Madeleine Noland, Chair, Ultra HD Forum Guidelines Working group (LG)
UHDF Guidelines
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