NAB 2017 is big for the Forum

2017 was our biggest presence yet at NAB, with plenty of exciting things to show and talk about.

This 5 minute video created by Marta who runs our PR will give you a glimpse of the demos.

Our booth gold sponsors this year were:

Our Silver sponsors are:


Also we will be providing espresso curtesy of 

On the first day of the show, we announced on an update of our Guidelines concerning UHD security into our phase A guidelines. See the latest version here.

Media and industry analysts were given embargoed access to our latest press Releases.

As usual we also had a members’ face-to-face meeting on the Sunday.

With over a dozen demos all focussed on HDR, we showed current Phase A and future Phase B UHD service delivery:
Phase A:
  • Live HDR Video delivery
  • Mixing SDR and HDR services to the consumer
  • UHD HDR Video Quality
Phase B:
  • Dynamic Metadata
  • HDR and SDR Improvements
  • High Frame Rate Video

Full description of demos is available here: UltraHD Forum Demos NAB 2017

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