Press Release: Ultra HD Forum to Showcase Sustainable Ultra HD Solutions at NAB 2024

Fremont, CA, March 13th, 2024—The Ultra HD Forum will showcase and discuss sustainable solutions at NAB 2024 through a series of demonstrations and discussions on technologies that reduce energy requirements and improve technical efficiency without compromising performance or the visual experience.

“Sustainability has emerged as a key area of focus for Ultra HD Forum members and the industry at large over the past few years,” said Ian Nock, chair of the Forum’s Interop Working Group, who oversees the NAB demos.

“But even we have been surprised by the innovation and sophistication demonstrated by the sustainable solutions showcased at this year’s NAB conference. Our mission is to ensure that sustainable Ultra HD technologies are deployed while still improving effective quality video service delivery,” he added.

Seven technology demonstrations of technologies that improve sustainability without compromising quality will be available during NAB 2024 at Booth W4007, including:

  1. Hyper-Converged HDR Single Master Workflow Production: This sophisticated update from our IBC presentation demonstrates the latest trends in HDR workflow efficiency. Ross Video, InterDigital with Advanced HDR by Technicolor™ solutions, and LGE collaborated to create this demo.
  2. Energy Efficient Enhanced Media Streaming: A partnership between ATEME, InterDigital, and Advanced HDR by Technicolor showcases:
    The strategic insertion of metadata into video content enhances delivery and viewer experience.
    Luminance adjustments are tailored to reduce energy usage without sacrificing image quality.
  3. Next-Generation Codecs and Energy Efficiency: Brightcove and Fairmile West present the necessity of hardware decoding for HEVC and VVC-encoded content’s energy efficiency.
  4. Pixel Value Reduction in HDR Content: InterDigital’s AI-powered innovation, an HDR-adapted version of our SDR demo from IBC ’23, significantly reduces screen energy consumption with minimal impact on visual quality.
  5. Viewing Condition Impacts on Display Energy Consumption: An updated exhibit from InterDigital and CTOIC illustrating the influence of ambient lighting on modern TV energy usage.
  6. Display Policy Decisions and Energy Impact: Fairmile West demonstrates the tangible power consumption differences when devices convert SDR content to HDR, reflecting real-world usage.
  7. A partner demo from Greening of Streaming will illustrate a workflow for capturing energy measurements from mass audiences.

The Forum would like to thank the following member organisations for making these demos possible:

ATEME, BRIGHTCOVE, CTOiC, Fairmile West, InterDigital, LG Electronics, Advanced HDR by Technicolor, and ROSS Video.

About Ultra HD Forum:

Founded in 2015, the Ultra HD Forum accelerates Ultra HD adoption by establishing best practices for the future of television. The Forum is a crucible for interoperability testing and standard synchronisation. For more information, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn @UltraHDForum.

Media Contact:

Marta Twardowska-Rienks:, Mobile: +31 621184585

For briefings at NAB, including an in-depth look at our demos, and to engage in sustainability discussions, please get in touch with us.

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