Why join the Ultra HD Forum?

The Ultra HD Forum brings together 50 market leaders from every part of the industry; broadcasters, service providers, consumer electronics, and technology vendors to collaborate on solving the real-world challenges of UHD and accelerating its deployment.

The Ultra HD Forum scope connects and covers the entire glass to glass ecosystem use cases of live, real-time, episodic, on-demand, broadcast, streaming, download and physical media distribution, and related technologies.

The Forum’s membership has access to:

  • five working groups in which to network, provide and receive guidance and UHD expertise and influence the future of UHD,
  • a comprehensive technology-focused repository of knowledge on UHD, including early insight and best practices around developing technologies, standards, and implementations,
  • active interoperability efforts such as plugfests taking place in a collaborative and non-competitive space to further understanding all aspects of the ecosystem,
  • access to exclusive and varied test and demo UHD video content with HDR, HFR, and NGA that is created by Forum members for members to use, with a focus on rapid, practical results, including trials and solution showcases,
  • a strong liaison effort to be in touch with other relevant organizations to give the broadest, end-to-end perspective on state-of-the-art video,
  • a single entity where all UHD relevant information can be monitored,
  • a Forum in the most real sense, a lively and organized place where ideas and views can be exchanged.

The Ultra HD Forum is well organized with experienced and committed founders and a board of directors that are equipped with effective and efficient bylaws, structure, and workgroup tools to help maximize results.  Participation in the Ultra HD Forum will help your company quickly participate in defining and assembling the next ecosystem of audiovisual entertainment and positive feedback into your own commercial activities.

Ultra HD Forum

Ultra HD Forum
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