Newsletter Issue 1: Ultra HD made in France

Ultra HD Made in France

Welcome to the first issue of the Ultra HD Forum Newsletter. We aim to bring deeper insights into Ultra HD topics than you’ll find elsewhere. We will leverage our amazing pool of UHD talent within the Forum and our deep network of UHD specialists beyond (yes there are still a few non-member experts, but we’re hunting them down one by one). Our newsletters will zoom into specific UHD-related subjects. This first issue has four articles about UHD “made in France.” In it, we will look at: 

  1. the evolution of the French regulatory framework to introduce terrestrial UHD services by 2024,
  2. expert analysis on the French market from some of our members active in France,
  3. a case study on the use of HbbTV in a UHD service by Arte,
  4. the UHD coverage of this year’s French Tennis Open.

Forum Vendor Analysis of the French Market

The Ultra HD Forum has many member companies active in France. For this first newsletter, we asked two vendors from the encoding side to tell…

ARTE Launches a New HbbTV 2.0 Test Service for Live UHD Streaming Available to Industry Partners

by Guy Ducos, HDR Business Development, PHILIPS IP&S (Ultra HD Forum member by way of FAVN) While France is working toward Terrestrial Broadcast Modernization for…

The French Tennis Open 2021, state of play in UHD

The 2021 French Open was shown with some UHD component technologies by at least 16 commercial services that we counted, representing a 100% increase over…

In-Depth: Ultra HD and the Future of Terrestrial Broadcast TV in France

We attended a full-day symposium held in Paris in June after several postponements due to the sanitary situation. The day was structured around three roundtables,…

We plan to bring several newsletters to you per year, but only when we have important news or information to share.

Our pipeline for the following issues is already filling up. In it, we already have UHD coverage of the European football championship and the recent Tokyo 2020 Olympic games, NGA experimentation by Forum members KPN and others, and core topics we are working on in our guidelines and interoperability working groups.
If you are an Ultra HD Forum member and you have topics you would like to submit, feel free to reach out to news AT, and we hope you’ll consider signing up for this newsletter if you haven’t already and forwarding it to others.

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